Living in the shadows

She sleeps when the lights are on

the noise from outside is a concession

the neighbors wonder what she does at night

where does she go to hide from the sadness

they all want to laugh at her sorrow


She is awake when the darkness arrives

looking to a meaningless picture

she writes a letter that can't be send

she knows someone is watching

but she cannot tell


She closes the curtains at noon

focusing on the things she cannot do

she doesn't remember the last time she lived

when she held someone who wasn't her

when she waited for her beloved at five


One day she decides to take a walk

and what better time than three in the morning

she wonders why the sun has to go

just like everything else in her life

why the light always leaves her abandoned


At night she disappears again

she remembers why she lives alone

her screams are too scary to carry

will she ever reunite with her love?

another question without a response


She gets home ready to forget

but someone always gets in her sleep

a little toy who enters her ears

ready to scare her beautiful dreams

'cause the nightmares always find their way home