Boxycharm March 2017

I was really excited about this month's Boxycharm because I saw a sneak peak on their Instagram page, and I found out that each subscriber was going to receive a Naked Cosmetics palette! But I'm also happy because everything else was amazing as well, so keep reading to find out what I got this month!

PS. Click on the pictures if you'd like to purchase any of these products!

1. Urban Rustic Palete by Naked Cosmetics $39.99

This palette is beautiful! And I know it's pricey, but like I mentioned on my last unboxing, you only have to pay 21 bucks for each box, so how cool is that? Although being honest, I would probably not spend 40 dollars on three eyeshadows, but I'm not going to deny how amazing these colors are! My favorite shade is the bronze one *insert heart eyes*

Tip: So... Boxycharm recommends to use a wet brush for a better application, but I use my fingers and I find it easier and faster, and it still looks amazing! 

2. SS023 Delxe Fan Brush by Crown Brush $18.99

This brush is really smooth and thick, and according to Boxycharm, this is perfect to apply highlighter, but because it picks up a lot of product, I prefer to apply bronzer with it instead. 

3. Pho Finish Foundation Classic Primer by Smashbox $16.00

Did you know this was the first product ever created by Smashbox photo studios L.A.? No? Me neither. I actually don't know much about this brand except that it's expen$ive. Anyways, this is a travel size product, and the full size one is 36 dollars. It' a little bit pricey, but I like it a lot! I have only worn it a couple of times, but it feels really smooth, and it makes my face look glowy.

4. Lipliner by RealHer $12.50

This lip liner is beautiful! The shade is really pretty and it's easy to apply. It's also smooth, which is something I don't usually find in other lip liners. 

5. VelvetMatte Liquid Lipstick by Dirty Little Secrets $14.00

I have only worn this lipstick once, so I don't know if I like it or not yet. Although the formula doesn't feel sticky or dry, I don't know if I like this shade because I don't usually wear bright red lipsticks, but I'll give it another try. I'm also a little disappointed because this color doesn't match the lip liner I received... but it's OK. 

And that's all! I liked this month's box a lot, so I created a makeup look so you could see how these products look once applied. If you notice, I worn the purple shade on one eye lid, and the bronze one on the other lid. Which color is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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