Road Trip - Playlist #2

Gavin and I will go to Utah in a couple of weeks, and you have no idea of how exciting I am! I'm the kind of person who enjoys a full day of watching a show with my hubby, but at the same time, I like to go out on our days off. Because Gavin, my husband, has been sick for almost two weeks, the only thing we've been doing after I get home from work is to watch The Office and eat, and although I've loved it so far, I still can't wait for our little getaway!

I'm also excited because my sister and her husband live in Utah, so we're all going on a little aventure with my parents as well (stay tuned for some pictures). For those who don't know me, my sister and I are best friends. We became even closer when my brother left to his LDS mission, and we have always shared our room, so I think I know her better than anyone (for now). She actually got married 6 days before I did, and we got engaged on the same month, 10 days apart to be exact. Planning two weddings was crazy for my parents, but it was amazing to share that experience with my best friend. We found our wedding dresses together, I hosted her Bridal Shower and she hosted mine, I traveled all the way to Utah for her wedding (and it took my family 19 hours to get home, when it usually takes us 9-10 hours), and she sacrificed a couple of days from her Honeymoon to attend mine. Being apart has been one of the hardest trials I've had to endure, and I know it sounds kind of dramatic, but it's true. I moved to the United States two years ago, away from all my friends and my extended family, but having my sister living in other state is 1000 ways harder...

Anyways, I'm not going to start crying right now. Instead, I'm going to keep waiting anxiously for Spring Break, which brings me back to the purpose of this post. Every time we go to Utah, I feel like we're never going to get there. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE road trips, but Nevada is not my favorite scenery. It's really boring, which is the reason why I usually spend the whole trip sleeping (yay for me), but because I recently got my driving license, then I'm not going to be able to daydream or anything like that anymore (buuuu), so I created a playlist to entertain myself all the way to Utah. This one has a little bit of everything. It's funny because my favorite music genres are rock, screamo, indie, etc; but man, Latin music keeps me awake! And yes, I discovered this after 7 Utah trips. Also, Gavin likes any type of music,  but he's not a fan of my favorite bands (of course he said he was when we were dating, and of course I said I liked blues although I wasn't really into it), so this playlist has some variety, with music that Gavin and I enjoy, or at least try to. 

PS. Don't be surprised if you find a Slipknot song, and then a Daddy Yankee one. It's all about the balance.

TIP: If you like to sing along in the car and you're also planning a road trip, then make sure you create a playlist with music that you enjoy BEFOREHAND. At least on the way to UT, I always lose signal on my cellphone at one point, and the radio doesn't work either. This sucks if you're used to Spotify or Apple music, but if you have a playlist saved, it will work!

See you next time,