Bodega Bay 2017

After an stressful month, my husband and I needed a getaway, and what's better than Bodega Bay? This is an especial place, since my mother in law used to go there when she was little, and so did my husband, and we hope we can continue the tradition with our own kids. This beach is absolutely beautiful, and it's amazing because it's chilly even in July. I'm glad my in laws hate summer as much as I do, because this was a perfect escape from the sun.

We stayed in this little cabin next to the beach, and since we didn't have signal, wi-fi, or cable, we focused on what really mattered. Us. We spent good quality time talking to each other, watching movies, eating (a lot), and walking to the beach. We also had an amazing view from the backyard, so we got to watch she sunset seating outside, while having dinner.

Because we knew there was going to be a TV in the cabin, we brought tons of movies, games, and we even got to do a puzzle. Gavin and I quit at the end, but my mother in law finished it! I'm grateful Gavin and I were able to forget about everything else for a while, and we got to remember how good it feels to spend 5 whole days together!

I hope you guys like this post, and if you're thinking about going to Bodega, I seriously recommend it! I leave you guys with more pictures of the beach!

Until next time,