Doubting to Find Truth

          How to find truth? According to Peter Abelard, a medieval French philosopher, “The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth.” Although it’s true that many members of the Mormon faith have fallen away from the church because they have questioned gospel principles, it’s also stated that doubting helps people to search for truth, to humble themselves, and to strengthen their testimonies. 

          First, questions lead people to find truth. On one hand, I have a friend who recently left the church because she started discrediting it. Then, she joined a new denomination because she didn’t receive answers immediately. On the other hand, when I was thirteen years old I also experienced confusion; nevertheless, I had the desire to believe in it; so I read my scriptures, prayed, and learned from other members who already had a testimony. After many weeks asking my Heavenly Father, He answered my prayers and I received a testimony of the veracity of this Gospel. This experience taught me that it’s because of ambiguity that individuals can find their own answers and truth, as long as they’re willing to accept the response they may receive.

          Also, doubts help people to acquire humility. In Henry B. Eyring’s talk, “Do What They Think You Can’t Do,” he explained the three keys to lifelong learning. The second key states, “Because God is so great and I am so small, it is easy to admit what I do not know. Therefore, I am teachable.” In other words, knowing that the human being can’t have all the answers leads the humankind to acquire humility and the desire to learn more.

          Finally, questions and doubts help members of the church to strengthen their faith. In “The Benefits of Doubt,” by Niamh M. C. Connolly, the author writes, “The world will never run out of things to teach me, and hopefully I’ll never run out of questions to ask.” This statement supports the fact that although many members of the church have already gained a testimony, nevertheless, they still have questions without answers, so they’ll search for spiritual experiences in order to strength their faith until they can receive teachings from their Heavenly Father, who does have a perfect knowledge.

          In conclusion, doubting leads members of the church to find truth, to be more humble, and to have stronger testimonies. Gautama Buddha agrees when he says, “Doubt everything. Find your own light.” So what are you waiting for? Start questioning to find truth!