Early morning

Even if I fall today

Is there anyone willing to rescue me?

Once I disappear in the despair

Will you come with me?


The light's out and I'm alone

The bed is moving and the noise is gone

Someone's playing with my head

I guess you don't believe me yet.


I'm a grown up afraid of the dark

There's no one to tell, no one to laugh

I wish I could sleep next to my mom

But I have to act like everything's fine.


I watch a show with guilt every night

With something running always on my mind

I wish I could escape from 9 AM

Deep inside me I know I can't.


People say time goes fast once you're 18

I started this road back when I was young

But I guess they're right since I'm dying

Dying to sleep without waking up.


The sun is up and I am too

I guess I could run but my legs won't move

I'll take an apple or maybe two

I wish I could have something stronger, and so do you.