How I find inspiration - Playlist #1

Some people have asked me how I get inspiration, and this is a little bit hard to explain. Although the phrase "It depends" doesn't say much, I feel like it's the most appropriate way to describe it. Sometimes I feel inspired by a holiday, a person, a dream, a song, etc; but other times I don't feel inspired at all, and that's why I like to try new things, and one of them is to discover new music. 

The person who helps me the most on discovering new artists is my dad. He shows me new artists almost every week, and because we have almost the same taste, I always find myself listening to their songs when I lack of inspiration. What I like about these musicians is that I can actually feel their music, and their lyrics are amazing. I also respect those artists who follow their dreams because of love and passion, and not only because of money. 

As you can see, most of this songs are really smooth. And sad. This playlist should probably be called "Songs to listen to if you want to feel even worse when you already want to die," but what can I say? They work for me. Also, I know that I haven't written many happy poems, so I'm working on it, I promise! Anyways, here's the playlist:

I know some of these artists are not really popular, but give them a try! I also recommend you to listen to this playlist when you want to relax.

And this is it for today! Please let me know if you'd like me to post more playlists in the future ♪

See you soon,