I was not ready

I am invisible

I see things differently

Stuck in a time machine

People move on

But I am still twelve

I try to recognize the figures in the sky

Is than an angel?

Is there such thing?

But I must believe

Because when I am up in the sky

Everything becomes clear

And I feel closer to you

That old friend that saved me

Because I was saved

More times than I can count

Even before it all started

Because I was not ready

I am not ready now

I am not ready

But when the clouds are on top of me

And everything becomes dark

I will remember this moment

When I felt out of space

And there was amazement in my heart

The first time in so long

I knew everything would change

And I was not ready

But I still went on

It was not what I expected

But I learned to love it

I learned to love my fears

I learned to know my pain

And I learned that at the end…

Heaven is indeed forgiving

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