My Husband Is Going To Be A Firefighter

My husband, Gavin Duffy. Picture taken by  Camila Jones Photography. 

My husband, Gavin Duffy. Picture taken by Camila Jones Photography. 

Last week, I told you guys about how I decided to support Gavin on his Military journey. Today, I want to talk about the job Gavin chose to pursue and how it was truly a miracle.

When we first started talking about the Army last year, Gavin was interested in being a Firefighter, but the recruiter told him that it wasn't available at the time. One year later, when we started meeting with another recruiter, Gavin asked again about this job. All the soldiers that were in the recruiter's office laughed. They said that job was never open and they they called it an "unicorn," because they never see it available. Gavin then started to look for other jobs, and the only career that interested him was Construction. Now, I wanted my husband to choose a career that would make him happy in the long run, and I didn't think construction would make Gavin happy for the rest of his life. I knew that now that he was young he would be okay with it, but that maybe twenty years down the road he would just get tired of it. Still, I wanted him to make the decision because he was the one who needed to be content with his career choice. Gavin's recruiter was a Constructor himself and he talked really passionately about it, but I didn't see that in Gavin. I felt like he was choosing that career just because that was the only one that convinced him, and I, always  worrying about the future, was worried that my husband would regret his choice later in life.

Gavin ended up decided he was going to do Construction.  We had started seeing the recruiter in late March I believe, and the recruiter told us he would be leaving the first week of April. Although we weren't expecting it to be so quickly, we were excited too because we wanted him to leave at the same time as my brother in law so my sister and I would be each other's companion while they were gone, but things clearly didn't work that way. When Gavin went to MEPS, they told him something was wrong with his eyes because he couldn't cross them! We never thought that would be a problem, so Gavin went to another doctor and the doctor said he was clear and that he didn't need glasses, but the people at MEPS said he needed to see one of their doctors. That was a long wait. It took a couple weeks, and we were freaking out because we had already told our landlord that we were moving out and Gavin had already quit his job.

One of those days, we visited Gavin's grandpa, who was also in the Military when he was younger. Gavin has always respected and admired him (he's even one of the reasons why Gavin wanted to serve), so when his grandpa didn't seem happy with his decision, Gavin was pretty bumped. It wasn't that he was not okay with him joining, but he wanted him to choose a career that would actually make him happy. Now, if you know Gavin, then you know that he's pretty stubborn, but that day it seemed like his grandfather's advice made him reflect on what he was doing. Later that day, he confessed what I was already suspecting. He told me that he was choosing Construction because it was the only career that interested him outside of Firefighting, but that it wasn't his passion. Gavin wanted to be in the Military for sure, but there wasn't another career in the Army that he wanted to pursue, so we started looking into the Air Force. 

My husband, Gavin Duffy. Picture taken by  Camila Jones Photography. 

My husband, Gavin Duffy. Picture taken by Camila Jones Photography. 

Now, the thing about the Air Force is that they give you a bunch of careers to choose from, you choose five, and then they give you the first job they find available. It can be one of your choices, or it can be any other job. That was the one thing that worried us, but we decided to do it because they had more Firefighting positions opened compared to the Army. The difference between the Army and other Military branches is that the Army is the only branch that gives you the job you choose, and you actually sign the contract before you go to BCT (Basic Training). Nevertheless, we made up our mind and Gavin called his Army recruiter and said he wasn't interested anymore. 

A lot happened after that. I was sick for like a week, Gavin was unemployed (although it was nice to have him taking care of me), and we had to move one week after that. We hadn't heard anything back from the Air Force either at that point, so we didn't know what we were going to do. 

The week that I got sick, Gavin and I were watching a show when Gavin got a call from his recruiter. He didn't want to pick up because he had already told him he was going to join the Air Force and didn't know what else to say. I told him to just pick up and listen to what he had to say because maybe it was important. Gavin lost his call and his recruiter texted him saying to please call him as soon as he could. Gavin went outside and called his recruiter back. That's when he told him he had a Firefighting position open and that he needed an answer from Gavin right at that second. We couldn't believe it. That was impossible! Gavin didn't even need to think about it and said he was going to do it. He then hanged up and the recruiter said he would go visit us later that day to sign the papers. Gavin and I looked at each other and we were speechless. We then started jumping out of happiness and couldn't process what had just happened. 

Gavin and I. Picture taken by  Camila Jones Photography. 

Gavin and I. Picture taken by Camila Jones Photography. 

Now, this is why I believe that we were meant to meet with this recruiter in the first place. When he came later that day, he told Gavin how it all had happened. He was upset that Gavin was going into the Air Force because the career he wanted wasn't available in the Army, so he decided to make one last call to "The Rock" (the recruiters call there to get information about jobs). When he called and asked if there were any Firefighter positions open, the guy on the other line kind of laughed and said, "Well, I don't think so, but I'll check." After he came back, the guy said, "Would you believe me if I told you that we have one position open?" The recruiter then proceeded to say, "I'll take it!" The guy on the other line couldn't believe it. All the soldiers in the recruiter's office were around Gavin's recruiter with their mouth opened because they were amazed. No one could believe what was happening. They said they had never seen someone getting that job in that office since they had started working there. I would have loved to have witnessed that.

Gavin's recruiter told him, "Look, I know you are a really religious guy. I don't go to church as much as I should, but I think I'll start to after this. I feel like this was meant to be. Everything that happened, all the time you had to wait... it was meant to be."

This story still gives me chills. I know that God is there and that he listens to us. It's crazy how I always felt that this was the right decision to be made but that I could not follow through. I didn't know what to do with myself last year because I wanted to follow the spirit but things didn't feel quite right yet. When I met this new recruiter, I immediately felt like it was time to do it. I don't know how it was that my mind was shifted just like that. God was preparing us for something better. We were meant to wait. We were meant to meet that recruiter, and now Gavin has his dream job.

Come back next week for a new update. This is just the start!