My Personal Manifesto


I launched my first blog when I was fourteen-years-old, which was eight years ago. I started writing about the drama that was going on in my country because I wanted to be a journalist and a writer when I grew older. I remember doing a lot of research because I knew nothing about gossips or famous people from Peru, but ended up writing a long post and publishing it soon after.

I remember feeling like that wasn’t me. That wasn’t what I wanted to write about. At the same time, I didn’t want to start sharing my poetry because I was too embarrassed to do so. Since I was little, I knew I would write books throughout my life because that was my major goal. I thought guys were weird and promised never to write about love. Then, I had my first big crush when I was twelve and I found myself writing corny poems and hiding them so my family wouldn’t see them.

I finally decided I would just share them because I was passionate about it. Knowing that other people would read them would motivate me to write even better and to not be so obvious so my friends wouldn’t know what I was talking about. I started using metaphors and making my experiences seem more abstract. I improved and many of my friends and family started commenting on them and telling me to keep creating.

But I erased from my page a couple of months later because people started using my content and sharing it like it was their own without crediting the source. That made me mad because I would take time writing multiple drafts until I had the final product. It was upsetting, but it didn’t make me stop writing. I just kept it for me.

The reason why I decided to create a new website and start sharing my content all over again in 2015 was because I realized that what other people did shouldn’t make me stop following my dreams. I knew that I would never become a famous writer if the only person that read my poetry was myself.

I then started doing research about how to create a more professional looking website. I opened this space and then created a Facebook page, an Instagram and Twitter accounts. Sharing my content on these channels helped me get more traffic and feedback.

I then decided to add other things on my website. I wasn’t only interested in poetry, but I was also passionate about makeup and writing about my travels and personal insights. Although I was afraid that people wouldn’t like that I had multiple things going on my website, it worked out because different people would come to read my posts for different reasons.

This is why I use social media. I have been able to create a little community that’s always expecting my next creation. I may not be where I want to be yet, but I know that if I keep on creating, more people are going to engage with my content in the future. I just need to keep going.